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Over the past few years, the NUMU mattress has been and studied and compared with other leading mattresses around the world with conclusive results:

*NUMU design enables the best airflow and ventilation.

*NUMU is five times more effective than other breathable mattresses in evaporating breath emitted carbon dioxide, which is the primary risk factor during the baby’s sleep.

Sweat dreams – The ultimate sleep environment for your baby

Should I lay her on her back or on her stomach? Is she dressed too warm? Should we leave the window open?
As parents, we are overwhelmed with questions that do not have clear-cut answers. One thing is certain – we want our babies to have a safe, uninterrupted and pleasant sleep.

Following extensive research by teams of Pediatricians and Sleep Specialists, we have developed NUMU – the mattress combining maximum orthopedic comfort and free airflow, providing a safe and clean sleep environment.

NUMU is the only mattress meeting breathing safety requirements of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) – we can safely state that

NUMU is the best mattress for your baby.

*  The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Mattress Advantages


    NUMU in Scientific Research

    Over the past few years, NUMU mattresses have been examined and studied in comparison with other leading mattresses in Israel and around the world.

    These are the conclusive results:

    Conclusion #1 – NUMU has been found to be the optimal mattress with the easiest and most comfortable air passage.

    Conclusion #2 – NUMU is the most effective in evaporating the emitted carbon dioxide, which is the primary risk factor during the baby’s sleep.

    The Numu products are based on extensive, long-term scientific research, and have created the highest standard in the world for a healthy and safe sleep environment for babies. These unique Numu products are recommended by leading expert doctors, the American Academy of Pediatrics Taskforce on SIDS  and are manufactured using the highest quality materials, promising your baby the healthiest sleeping environment from the very first night at home.

    Better sleep throughout development

    Following the requests and demands of many parents, our product line has been expanded and NUMU mattress is now available in variable sizes, from bassinet to toddler bed.

    The unique structure and quality materials from which it is manufactured continue to provide your child with a safe, comfortable and relaxed sleep and contribute to healthy and vital development.


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